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North Korea And America Issue In Bangla Newspapers

North Korea issue is considered as a very important one for united states of america. The decision of Trump government in USA regarding north Korea's nuclear power is in the centre of attraction of the   world.
In Bangladesh, Bangladeshi and international Bangla newspapers publish news about the topic. We have discussed the topic briefly according to the headlines published in Bangla newspapers. Keep watching.

Uttorsadhok By Abu Hasan Shahriar

This is poem is written by Abu Hasan Shahriar. It will help the poet to understand how to write and what is the reason behind this. There is something different in his each poem.

Learn to accept the truth, Build up an open mind to view something from a particular viewpoint.

Banglar Mukh By Jibanananda Das

"Banglar Mukh" is a heart touching patriotic poem written by famous Bengali poet of modern era Jibanananda Das. This poem express the inner feelings of the poet and  his love for the country.

"Banglar Mukh Ami Dekhiyachi
Tai Ami Prithibir Rup Khujite Jai na Ar
Ondhokare jege theke..........."