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How To Reduce Startup Time Of My Computer

This a solution for windows 10 slow startup. This video will let you learn to reduce the startup time of your windows PC. 
"My computer is slow" is a common words that you usually use. Its is some kind of sloution for slow PC. Follow the video to get your PC more fater on start up. 
The key thing is to stop stratup programmes from taskbar, that's it.

1. Open Run from your pc(ctrl+R is the shortcat)
2. Now write 'Prefetch' -->open and delete
3. Then write 'temp' -->open and delete
4.  Write '%temp%' -->open and delete

Disable startup app from your pc. For windows 7 write msconfig on Run and found the option.
For windows 10 the option is available at taskbar. Watch the video for more information.


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