BCS General Science Syllabus Analysis

You may call this subject daily science. I think 90% of all the students don't know the syllabus for daily science. It is not as simple as you think.

You think-

  1. Physics- 05 marks
  2. Chemistry- 05 marks
  3. Biology- 05 marks

Believe me, you are wrong. The mark distribution is not like that. The actual mark distribution-
  • Physical Science(Physics+Chemistry)- 05 marks
  • Biology- 05 marks
  • Modern Science(Physics+Chemistry+Biology)- 05 marks
So, it is proved now that you are wrong. Lets calculate as you thought before-

Physics- (5/2)+(5/3)=25/6=4.something
Chemistry= 4.something
Biology= 05+(5/3)=6.something

Give more time to learn biology. You may not believe, science students must face problems answering science question. Try hard, success will reach you.